It’s time to

We are ELECTRIC. We deliver impact for brands, through bold strategies, powerful campaigns, unmissable activations and thumb-stopping content.

We help brands connect… and Jolt their customers into action through electrifying advertising ideas and original engagement brilliantly delivered.

We unlock your potential
to be electric

We know that brands only matter when they do things that make them matter. Fail to matter and… sorry… who are we talking about again?

We help brands challenge the way things are done. To rock the status quo and agitate customers instead of sitting passively on the side-lines. To ELECTRIFY and change the game while competitors look on.

So how do we create a jolt? Relevant Disruption.

We want every brand we work with to cut through the noise, to excite, to reward, and to engage people. And we do it by finding the most original, DISRUPTIVE solution possible RELEVANT to the person we are talking to.

“When a character comes in through a door you have nothing. When he comes in through the window you’ve got yourself a situation.”

The right solution and most powerful JOLT is always out there waiting to be found. But finding it often requires looking at things from a different angle. Our award-winning team combined with the capabilities of The Maverick Group guarantee that we will always find a way to create the biggest jolt possible.

The rules for
being electric

What you say only matters if your behaviour backs it up.

This is why, along with the rest of The Maverick Group, we have six rules that we follow, to keep us focused, guide our work and unlock the potential in ourselves and our clients.

#1 Radiate

Radiators make you believe anything is possible. They make you want to bottle some of that unicorn magic. Radiators light up the room when they walk in, not when they walk out.

#2 Ask Why

‘Why?’ is our best friend. ‘Why?’ helps avoid all the false starts and head-scratching. So, we interrogate every challenge from the get-go, to dig out information that creates not just good ideas, but Maverick ones.

#3 Think Maverick

The Maverick way of thinking means drawing on anything and everything in our extensive armoury that will create game-changing ideas – ones that make our clients stand out from the crowd.

#4 Keep It Simple

The ability to THINK MAVERICK begins with a determination to turn difficult problems into brutally simple strategies and single-minded solutions.

#5 Together We're Dynamite

We are talented alone, but devastating together. We listen to each other , help each other, and – no matter how busy we get – when our colleagues are swamped, we pick up a shovel. Because next time, it might be us up to our necks in the mud.

#6 That'll Do Will Never Do!

Mavericks always try to ‘blow the bloody doors off!’ It is why our clients come to us. Because we always aim to make everything we do is as impactful as possible. No punches pulled. No shortcuts taken.

Electric people

One-trick ponies and channel-phobes look away now.

The people that power ELECTRIC are as eclectic as they are electric. They are boat-rockers, line-crossers and jolt-makers who pride themselves on being flexible enough to deliver whatever outcome is necessary regardless of the media channel.

We have an entirely hybrid model. While many of our Electric People are focussed on our business, we also have the rare luxury of being able to pull in valuable expertise from across the Maverick Group, from each and every facet of communication, to ensure that every client we work with has a bespoke, world-class team solving their problems for them.

With over 200 creative and effectiveness awards between them, the Electric team has some seriously talented people. Our team come from a diverse range of disciplines, including Advertising, B2B, Direct, Media, Social Content, Experiential and Digital, which gives us an industry-leading advantage when trying to find the most original way to cut through and create the biggest JOLT possible.

If you’d like to talk about how we can CREATE A JOLT for your business or brand, drop our Executive Creative Director a short email at