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DHL is the world’s leading logistics company

With more 380,000 employees across practically every country on the planet, they deliver more than 1.5 billion parcels each year. To meet the growing needs of e-commerce businesses and their customers, they have developed a product called Parcel Connect. It’s a real game-changer. And we were happy to spread the word.

The campaign, under the title ‘The Perfect Fit’ showed businesses how Parcel Connect partners with them to create a bespoke delivery service. Using a menu of standard features that can be configured to their specific needs, online stores can reach 28 countries across the continent with one label, one system and one ultra-high quality standard.

Over three months, we raced to put together branding, a multi-lingual website, online advertising, sales presenters and digital brochures. In addition to developing the creative approach, Maverick trans-created all content for European markets, with initial roll-out in Polish and English.


The ‘hero’ film and website were launched simultaneously, and local market rollouts have followed thick and fast.

For e-commerce sellers, this is a ground-breaking product, and The Perfect Fit message is generating a real buzz in the industry. With a target of doubling Parcel Connect’s European volumes before the end of 2021, we‘ve set ourselves a monumental task. But just like DHL, we’re geared to deliver.




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