Redacted | Cloudhelix

Cloudhelix is a business that likes to get straight to the point. So when they approached Maverick to develop their marketing, that’s exactly what we did.

Whilst having a strong and loyal existing customer base, Cloudhelix needed to expand out their communications to generate fresh business leads, particularly across the Insolvency Practitioner industry. That meant expanding their communications – but keeping them on-brand and succinct.

The Approach

We needed an approach that would cut through an advertising space awash with identikit photography and messaging from various cloud providers.

We looked at how we could visually communicate the Cloudhelix ‘cut out the nonsense’ approach (which their customers love), whilst also highlighting their USPs.

Our solution was the ‘Redact Campaign’ – this used typography and select omission of text to get straight to the point. In just a few words, we demonstrated what other cloud providers tell customers vs what Cloudhelix actually does for them.

The Solution

The advertising could be adapted for different messages, and what’s more, it also stood out from the pack. No stock shot-heavy campaigns full of city scapes – just short, snappy no-nonsense lines.

We combined this thumb-stopping impact with strategic insight, customer research and a focus on key USPs. The result? A refined target list for future communications.

As well as daily free papers such as Evening Standard, Metro and CityAM, the campaign went out across online publications including The Telegraph, City A.M., The Metro, Business Insider, Forbes and the WSJ. Next on the media schedule? Targeted LinkedIn ads.

The Impact

While the client would prefer to keep the results of this campaign to themselves, it’s safe to say that there were a lot of happy bunnies on both sides.