Sellsational | Evans Halshaw

Let’s be honest, no one enjoys selling their car.

But when you do need to offload your old set of wheels all that really matters is how much money you’ll get.

The Overview

This truth proved to be our creative trump card. Evans Halshaw pay you more, as they don’t take any admin fees or hidden charges out of the car’s valuation. That’s Sellsational.

We celebrated the positive feeling of getting the very best deal for your car by creating our Sellsational campaign idea.

Sellsational wasn’t just a fun expression, it also gave Evans Halshaw an ownable phrase to take to market. Something that would enforce the fact that Evans Halshaw is the place to go for selling a car – not just buying one – and jolt car selling customers into action.


The Concept

Our idea was brought to life with eye-catching colours and bold typography, dialling up the joyous spirit of the message. From a YouTube film that felt more like a music promo than a typical car dealer ad, to emails, social, online ads and a Sellsational radio ad, every touchpoint sported the line ‘We’ll give you more at Evans Halshaw’.