Inside the Creative Brain

By Jamie Bell, 13 January 2022
3 mins read

Every creative business, anywhere, recognises the simple fact that survival depends on being able to generate new ideas that create impact. So, how does the creative brain work?

The Importance of Chewing Things Over…

By Jamie Bell, 5 January 2022
2 mins read

So, you want to unlock your inner Speculator. You are keeping an open mind, hoovering up tidbits of information left and right. You have found out everything there is to know about your particular challenge.

Where to begin in the hunt for ideas?

By Jamie Bell, 20 December 2021
3 mins read

Where do ideas come from? Do they appear out of nowhere in a puff of smoke? Or are they something that sits in the back of our minds waiting to be tapped into?

Are some people more creative than others?

By Jamie Bell, 8 December 2021
5 mins read

When I was Creative Partner at VCCP I was asked to write a white paper for my department about how ideas happen. And by happen I mean digging down into the proven science about how the brain actually works, what brain states allow ideas to flow, and how to get into that headspace more often to have the best ideas possible.